Our salon gatherings seek to uncover alternative models for collectively building shared cultural value. We facilitate matchmaking within our growing community of artists and technologists, help build shared meaning and context for collecting digital art, and encourage play as a method of research.

It’s the start of a relationship.

The salon program allows our members to go inside the artist’s studios: a special opportunity to see artworks as they progress, iterate, change and come to life. Presenting works from conception to realization gives our membership unique exposure to the process of making art. They can engage with the artists and the artwork and watch it develop over time. The length of time could be days or years.

Over the course of the salon program, we work with artists to match them with technical resources to help them realize ambitious visions.

Salon 0 launched during NFT.NYC as a prototype for an experimental match-making format, centered on the needs of artistic production. Our next salon series The Porous Pluriverse launches fall 2022 in NYC and online.


A preview of the programming for our members.

  • Salon Session: Lauren Lee McCarthy 'Surrogate'

    Oct 21, 2022

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  • Salon Welcome Event: Interactive Dinner

    Oct 22, 2022

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  • For Love, Legacy or Profit? Perspectives on Collecting Digital Art

    Oct 24, 2022

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  • Salon Session: The Porous Pluriverse

    Oct 27, 2022

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The Porous Pluriverse

E.A.T___WORKS presents a salon series in NYC (and online) focused on expanding perspectives on virtual worlds, artificial intelligence, collection and stewardship.

Curator Julia Kaganskiy offers a provocation to frame the salon:

"At a time when worldbuilding emerges as one of the most consequential creative and political acts, how do we envision a world where many worlds can fit? Worlds are typically bounded by borders that serve to sever and isolate, but a pluriverse demands a way of thinking and understanding that dwells in the liminal. In the parlance of Web3, we might call this something like “interoperability,” or that which facilitates exchange between autonomous collective spaces, allowing for portability and cross-pollination. The Porous Pluriverse proposes a world in which many worlds can co-exist and cooperatively thrive."

Participating Artists: Lawrence Lek, Claudia Hart, Lauren Lee McCarthy, Peter Burr, Rosa Menkman, Auriea Harvey, Huntrezz Janos, LoViD, Xin Liu, Manny 404

Members are invited to hop into our discord and start to explore matchmaking prompts which frame the salon series:

#collection – What does it mean to build a collection?

#stewardship – How can decentralized models support cultural value?

#artificial-intelligence – How is the concept of authorship shifting with the emergence of AI?

#virtual-worlds – What does it mean to create “porous” worlds with Web 3?