Claudia Hart & Andrew Blanton 'Systems Madness' (2023)

'Systems Madness' is a collaborative project by Claudia Hart and Andrew Blanton that explores what happens when reason meets unreason. Inspired by the short story "The Yellow Wallpaper" (1892) by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, the project uses AI tools to transform literary language into a library of visual tropes, a translation of emotional expression into code. Together Hart and Blanton reconstruct the pattern language of romantic era wallpapers using warm, off-primary colors, noises, gradients, blurrings, layerings, and apply different fractal formations, repeated irregularly, pushing beyond the human desire to create order out of chaos. 'Systems Madness' is a mesmerizing interactive artwork that extends ‘beyond the wallet’ into our domestic spaces.

Exhibition Description: ‘Systems Madness’ from Claudia Hart is a conceptual artwork that extends beyond the screen. Collectors can interact with the work minted on Art Blocks, and they can also access a set of instructions for how to install the artwork as an interactive floor-to-ceiling wallpaper at home or in a public exhibition.

Artist Statement: "Together we framed a question - what happens when reason meets unreason? The response: the all too human desire to create order out of the chaos of this world; and identically - the truth - that too much order can actually drive you mad!"

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