Maya Lin 'Ghost Forest Seedlings' (2023)

Maya Lin’s first-ever Web3 project — realized by Pace Verso in conjunction with E.A.T__WORKS — captures the intricate and organic growth patterns of a living, underground network of tree roots and expresses her interest as an artist in making one aware of the complexity, beauty, and fragility of nature.

This collection was inspired by and evolved out of her acclaimed public artwork Ghost Forest, which was presented in New York’s Madison Square Park in 2021. Lin created Ghost Forest as part of her work in environmental activism, bringing 50 towering Atlantic white cedar trees together to examine the Earth’s vulnerability and the outsized impact of climatic calamity. Eschewing most computer-derived growth patterns, which create geometric and fractal patterning, the algorithm Lin has created will generate artworks with growth patterns that are as varied as naturally growing organisms.