LoVid ‘Heartsleeves’

'💖sleeves' brings participatory aspects of LoVid’s process into the web3 environment. Coming in 2023.

💖sleeves is an immersive web3 project expanding on LoVid’s long-term engagement with mediated spaces, technological objects, the human body, presence, and connection.

This work unfolds in two phases, two parts that make one whole:

Phase #1: Generative NFT minting

Collectors will mint unique code-based moving image patterns with varied colors, shapes, speeds, and movements. This NFT is a unique artwork as well as a mint pass/key.

Phase #2: Collectors will import their 💖sleeves NFT into a web-based interactive environment where the moving pattern blends onto their face in hypnotic and endlessly engaging ways. This phase is designed to be a slow paced space for experimentation and play with tools to control levels of anonymity and achieve a mesmerizing self portrait. Collectors will be able to revisit the site for a limited time of several months or until they mint a unique NFT of their 💖sleeves portrait in video form.

💖sleeves draws visual, systematic, and conceptual inspiration from LoVid’s videos and their process of using handmade hardware synthesizers to create colorful moving image works that connect the body with the technology.

This work takes an innovative and playful approach to collecting NFTs (or digital art) by broadening the generative minting experience into long-form interactive and intimate portraiture work.