We are an experimental Web3 art organization that takes its name and inspiration from Experiments in Art and Technology (EAT), founded in the 1960s by artists Robert Rauschenberg and Robert Whitman together with Bell Labs engineers Billy Klüver and Fred Waldhauer.

In the spirit of the original E.A.T., we are here to facilitate experimentation in a space where artists and technologists can freely collaborate, explore, and fail well in order to generate future possibilities, and to build a community of support around art and ideas.

We do this by:


We are focused on creating more expansive models for support and collaboration between art and industry, and we seek to elevate the importance of participation in shaping culture. We pair artists with technologists to develop ambitious new works together and matchmake artists from our greater community with resources for skills, space, and development support.

Building Community & Tools for Collecting

The last two years have seen unstoppable NFT production. People are using new means to make and share art, which might spend its life locked up in a wallet. It doesn’t get to breathe because it’s treated like a stock certificate. What we bring is a new proposition. A new ask of the art and blockchain communities: invest with us to care and keep art. Where will that art go after the software upgrades, after the power cord is declared obsolete? We are prototyping and developing new tools and frameworks for supporting art that foreground community participation, interoperability, and appreciation.

In the past, the art world has kept to itself with its own language and values. The financial and tech worlds have their own languages and values as well. We are interested in matchmaking as a means to bridge these worlds.