LoVid ‘Heartsleeves’

'💖sleeves' brings participatory aspects of LoVid’s process into the web3 environment. Coming in 2023.

Since the turn of the century, LoVid has created a body of work exploring human-generated electrical signals and their relationship to both analog and digital tools. Expressed through live, audio-visual performances the artist-duo has incorporated movement, touch, and spoken word transmuted into vibrant, synthesized waveforms. HACK YOUR FACE from 2009 exemplifies these meditations.  

LoVid continues to explore similar themes through participatory performance with 💖SLEEVES. Biometric input from participants will be projected back onto their own face as unique visual stimuli, recorded as still image or video and produced as wearable screen pendants.

In collaboration with E.A.T_WORKS, 💖SLEEVES includes the novel addition of Web3 development, addressing related concepts such as surveillance and virtual identity. Participants will also have the option to register their own edition of         💖SLEEVES to the Ethereum blockchain. Upon collection, owners have the ability to adjust transparency levels between the generated visuals and their own likeness. Minting will take place in 2023.